On Being Thankful for Arts Education in our Schools

Albemarle County Public Schools has sustained a commitment to arts programming despite the economic challenges over the last four years that have impacted school funding. Across the United States, arts education has been a casualty of budget reductions in school district after school district – but not in Albemarle.

In our school division, we have chosen to sustain funding support for the arts. Why? We believe that fine arts education is critical to developing learners who use their imagination to generate unique ideas and solutions, engage in creative thought, and express themselves artistically. Regardless of the career a child chooses to pursue as an adult, participation in arts instruction builds a set of competencies that enhance and support academic skills and knowledge. Arts education is part of a well-rounded education. A compilation of studies put together by the School Of Education at the John Hopkins University offers insight into why arts are important to learning.

Locally, arts educators understand that what they do with children adds value to their learning across the curricula. Molly Foster, art teacher at Hollymead Elementary, creates a weekly blog in which she documents projects that engage children in visual arts. Here is a sample of her work with young children. To find out more about Ms. Foster’s work with children at Hollymead, click here.

Learning through Art

Our world of art at Hollymead. Take a look at all of our beautiful creations and inspirations. This blog was created to showcase student work, ideas and creations throughout the year. Hopefully some of their work will inspire you!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Look who’s in our room?  It’s pre-school!  We stamped letters onto paper to make the letters falling all around.  Then we made a palm tree with coconuts falling!  Pre-school has fun in art!  Here is the video for Chick Chicka Boom Boom.