Welcome to the 2010-11 School Year

“All Learners will believe in their power to embrace learning, excel, and own their future.”

Albemarle County Public Schools Vision

Dear Albemarle Families:

Welcome to the 2010-11 School Year!  School will begin for our young people on August 25.  Educators have been at work all summer creating and revising learning plans for this year. They will all return to their schools on August 17 to set up their classrooms and prepare Open House activities to welcome families back. We hope you will be able to visit your child(ren)’s school during the scheduled Open House.

New Principals: You will find some personnel changes this year. Several schools now have new principals as a result of the following appointments:

  • Mrs. Ashby Kindler: Murray High, Community Middle Charter School, Enterprise Center
  • Mrs. Gwedette Crummie: Crozet elementary
  • Mrs. India Haun: Brownsville Elementary
  • Mrs. Kendra King: Broadus Wood Elementary
  • Mrs. Lisa Molinaro: Woodbrook Elementary
  • Mr. Mark Green: Murray Elementary (permanent appt)
  • Dr. Nicholas King: Stone-Robinson Elementary

We also have begun to use Facebook as a communication tool. If you would like to become a “fan” to receive updates and comment, please go to:  http://www.facebook.com/K12Albemarle We have 139 Facebook fans as of August 8 and hope you will sign up and encourage other parents to do so as well.  You can also follow our school activities on twitter, @k12albemarle.

Bus Change Alert: Please look for the school calendar coming by “snail mail” to your mailbox by August 15.  Bus route schedules are on page 17 and look for possible changes in the bus number, location of bus stop, or bus pick up time. Most of these changes are occurring to increase efficiency and reduce fuel and other operational costs as part of budget reductions for 2010-11.  If you do not receive a calendar, please do not hesitate to call 434-296-5820 and ask for Mrs. Kathy Halvorsen to help you obtain one or call your child’s school for information.

School Quarterly Newsletters: If you would like to subscribe electronically for updates from the archive page for quarterly school newsletters please go to: http://bit.ly/ddMWfw and complete the “click to subscribe” link. We continue our efforts to reduce the use of paper in our schools and the expenses of both paper and copying.  School websites can be accessed at http://bit.ly/dkKKgF .

We look forward to working with you this year!


Pamela R. Moran